Tuesday, March 2, 2010

One Day – Voting Day - Tuesday

So, Dallas started this thing.  “One Day” in regards to having your trash and recycling picked up on ONE day only during the week (we used to have trash picked up two days a week, but recycling every other week – YES, very silly – but this is my experience with the city of dallas in general).  BUT, I don’t like it!  I mean, the “one day” makes sense.  But,I had to lug my trash can out front (and they brought everyone a new one – seems wasteful) – and then it just sits there.  Blah.  Makes our quaint street look kind of ugly.  I know I should be thankful.  I’m trying.  Dear friends have to lug their trash up and down stairs, others in the world don’t have access to NEAR the sanitation levels that I pridefully expect…but I’m coming short.  I’m just bummed.  Plus, I don’t like that it’s an advertisement as to who is home, and what time everyone returns from work.  Oh, and I don’t like change either.  So, here’s to my annoyance.


(why is my recycling bin not out, you ask?  I who love all things recycle?!  Well, it won’t fit through our gate in its current state…so, it’ll have to wait until next week or until donald gets home to help me lift it over the gate!)

P.S. Go Vote!!!


Christy@pipandsqueak said...

I also do not like the change from alley to curb pick up in our neighborhood. I don't mind the one day but I do mind the curb. They did a news story on channel 5 from my neighbors house and I was even interviewed. I am hoping it will get changed.

Amy said...

As far as I know we are still alley pick up...we'll see this Friday (our new day) for One Day and see what happens. We received no notification that we were to switch to curbside. I need to ask my neighbors. I will miss twice a week as we seem to have lots of trash...especially stinky trash with a baby. I do like the weekly recycle as we threw some thing away when it just got too full waiting the full 2 wks. Hmmm...i don't like the lugging either - we had to do that in Houston.

Christy@pipandsqueak said...

I just found out that our pick up was in fact changed back to alley pick up. Our neighborhood organized a meeting where 150 people attended along with news media, sanitation director and city councilmen. SO, if you are bothered enough, complain about it and you might get it changed.