Friday, March 26, 2010

Meeting Caedmon

Last weekend, I was given the amazing opportunity by Lauren’s momma to fly for free to NYC to shower sweet Caedmon in real hugs and kisses!  Not just the sent-via internet/mail kind!  OH MY GOODNESS!!!  It was just such an amazing long weekend.  Filled with thankfulness for people’s generosity, love, laughter, the goodness of community.  It is a treasure to have dear friends; and I am thankful.

There we are!  On the first leg of our journey.  Lauren, myself, and lauren.  Please excuse my double chin and over-excited smile.  We had all been up since 3:45 AM.


What made all of that traveling SOOO worth it.  Delight.  There is something just so beautiful about meeting the baby of loved ones.  It seems so awe-inspiring and yet comfortable.  I don’t think that Caedmon was out of someone’s arms except for sleeping and when we felt that he really did need some wiggle time on the floor!


Central Park = Love.  Ultimate irony:  We traveled thousands of miles north to enjoy 75 degrees and beautiful sunshine.  What we left was 4 inches of snow.  Awesome.

central park

The point of our trip – the lovely Rose family of 3!

rose family

To pay tribute to my daily fix – The Today Show!


Ohhhhh, the food!

NYC Food

(I by no means mean to imply that we ate katy…we were sitting in a cafe by their apartment that we went to literally every day and I forgot to take a picture of our favorite drink…the caramel marvel!)

I was able to see my dear childhood friend Caroline!  She was ran a 1/2 marathon on Sunday and did great!!


One of the most crazy-cool moments I’ve ever had in NYC.  Watching elephants march down 34th street with LB.  We braved the streets from 12-2:30 AM to see the elephants walk through the city on their way to Madison Square Garden for the Circus (their trailers are too large to fit through the tunnel, so they walk them into the city!)

adjusted elephants



For a weekend that was filled with laughter and sweet memories – for cherished friends.  I am so grateful.


kristian and katy said...


Seriously, such great pics, and even better memories. Thank you for that.

Love you.

The Neaves' said...

Such a wonderful time! Great memories and great pictures! Had so much fun with y'all!!!

It went by too fast! Love y'all!

Clint and Lauren Brock said...

the best trip ever. i think we need to make a girls trip tradition. great documentation of it angela! :)