Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Full hearts

Sunday was just such a good day.  Overwhelmed with love really.  So thankful.  Thankful for the love poured over us.  Love felt via family and via friends.  Love for one another.  For MY family.  Love from our God.

Sunday morning at church, such a vivid and amazing picture of love was painted.  It was a wonderful morning.  From our pastor’s blog on what he taught:

Mark makes it clear that Jesus was facing not only physical death but the wrath of God for all sin. Jonathon Edwards said that Jesus was having terrible and amazing views and apprehensions.

Mark gives us a picture of Jesus “losing it” in response to these views of the wrath of God. We are given a picture of Jesus in more agony in the garden than on the cross. The emotional stress alone was about to kill him (14vs34). Jesus falls down (14vs35). Jesus asks for a way out (14vs36). He references “the cup.” The cup was the Old Testament image for God’s judgment against sin.

What do you think when you see Jesus stressed out? How do you feel when you see Jesus rolling in the dirt? What do you think when you hear Jesus asking for a way out of the very purpose that he stated was his reason for coming? How do you feel when Jesus says that he doesn’t want to drink the cup of the wrath of God?
I don’t think enough on the wrath of God for sin that Jesus faced. Can you imagine what it would be like to stand before God and to answer for every sin, crime, evil act, and injury in the history of the world that has been done against the millions of people that he created in his image and loves?

He tasted this in the garden and stayed to drink it all. He tasted the wrath of God that was going to come down on him at the cross. This makes going to the cross even worse. We know this. Think about a difficult or painful experience where you have said, “Wow, that was harder than I thought. I don’t ever want to go through that again.”

In response to all of this, Jesus said to his Father, “Yet not what I will, but what you will.”
Oh, how he loves us!

It just set the tone of the day as such a beautiful one.  I felt so loved by my husband.  Thankful.

Donald made a yummy breakfast of heart-egg-and-cheese tostadas.  Yummy!


My beloved valentine.  Hubby taking out the compost for me!  (Wearing the bow that abi thought was appropriate)




Hubby making dinner.  Again, yummy!



Delicious grilled portabellas and vegetable risotto.   Nicely done, my most wonderful man.


My attempt at these yummy cookies.  70% satisfied with the result.  Still working on my baking skills.



(to keep us clued into reality, lest we be swept away by the evening of Valentine’s Day – abi’s sippy cup in the picture of evening at home.  Made me laugh when I was importing the pictures!)



Thankful for a day to celebrate LOVE!  We hope your hearts were full with the love of our Savior and of those who are in your lives.  Thank you for loving our family. 


Rachel said...

Those cookies look delicious! I bet I would be 100% satisfied with them. :) This is a wonderful post about LOVE. I truly do love your beautiful family.

The Criswells said...

I want your cookie receipe! They remind me of the champaigne cookies my dad brings us from Massachusetts.