Friday, February 5, 2010

For those who eat beef…

Photo taken from The Pioneer Woman – she’s quite somethin’

My beloved Today Show gave me a very useful piece of information the other morning.  How many of us only buy the lean 94/6 beef, all the while cursing the prices of that ground chuck?  Here is our answer!

Buy that ground chuck (and give yourself a pat on the back for clever, frugal shopping) and cook the meat in your skillet.  Once the meat is browned and cooked, pour the meat into a strainer and pour very hot (almost boiling) water over it, catching the drippings in a pan or cup.  This takes away most of the fat, essentially giving you lean meat and a much better price!

Who doesn’t like that?

*Please don’t wash your grease down the sink – bad for your plumbing and the environment.  If you live in Dallas – check out the cease the grease website here

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Amy said...

Or just grill it...most all of the fat juices drip down and lean it up...yum yum!! We usually buy 80/20 and grill, grill, grill! :)