Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My bullet list tribute to Central Market

I love this store.  As Abi and I were shopping tonight, I was making a bullet list in my head for the multiple reasons why I simply adore Central Market.

  1. It is owned and operated by the great HEB.  Any good aggie knows this is reason enough to flock.
  2. They give balloons to the itty-bitties as they enter the store.  Abi is always ready and waiting.  Tonight she chose purple (her choice is between green and purple).
  3. It just smells good.  In the parking lot.  In the store.  Everywhere.
  4. Free samples.  Learned this as a child going to Randall’s to get a free cookie – any grocery store worthy of my family’s business should have free samples.  Target/Walmart and the like – take this as my suggestion to you.  Abi and I both enjoyed limeade, thai shrimp with green curry (we chose not to eat the shrimp), cherry chocolate bread, watermelon, and tortilla chips this evening.
  5. I love that buying central market’s organic milk is cheaper than buying the same amount at walmart or target.  (I therefore look like the queen of milk as I always leave with multiple gallons).
  6. Their people are friendly AND knowledgeable.  Please don’t underestimate this combination.  They rarely coexist.
  7. Lots of different kinds of people.  The one downfall of CM is their prices.  They are pricey.  This is why my visits have had to cut down to every other week once hubby started grad school.  BUT, you still see such a variety of people there.  I love that.  People who just love food.  And some silly snobby people sometimes too.  And homeless folks.  That’s pretty cool.  But, hey – we’re all people who like the taste, smells, and sights of food. 
  8. Every time I checkout there is someway to help those who don’t have easy access to food.  I think if I was to own a grocery store, I’d hope to be aware of that too.  That in a place of bounty – there is a reminder of those who have less.

So, HEB – you’re great.  You get the Wallace thumbs-up.


The Potters said...

The Potters love HEB also, but we are blessed to live in the land of plenty here in SA. HEBs and taco shops are a dime a dozen.

kristian and katy said...

ah! i miss central market and all it's greatness!! but i'm glad you get to go there. wish we could shop together. maybe someday...

Amy said...

We Amen to your love of CM and HEB...any Texas college and HEB go together for sure! We love to eat our way through as a family. :) My one HEBs in our area!!! We have a "high up" friend there - he says no chance. If only they would realize the number that would flock from the competition!

The Neaves' said...

oh how we need to visit CM more. We rarely go bc the only one for us is across town and we're too venture over there. Walmart is our normal shop and to tell you the truth, I'm way over ours. They never have what we are wanting! GO CM!! Ok. We're going there next time!