Sunday, April 5, 2009



When I let myself I can dream up a pretty outstanding vision for our future.  I can imagine an amazing existence in which we want for nothing and spend our time joyfully helping our fellow man and making others well.  I visualize a beloved vocation (still changes quite a bit as to the specifics) where my skills and expertise quickly become unrivaled and are so valuable.   And in this castle in the sky our family is always humble, grateful, and happy.

And yet, the God who equipped us with our imaginations does not intend to compete with them.  God doesn’t promise a host of specifics as to what our lives will be, he simply says He’ll do more.  I felt a strange sense of peace this morning at church on these thoughts.  As sweet as my “castle in the sky” seems to me it rests on my ability and depends on my steadfastness.  What a treasure to have found a hope that is not only “more”, but that is secured by him who is true, loving and capable.

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kristian and katy said...

LOVE THIS!! What wonderful thoughts. Thank you so much...encouraging to me!