Monday, April 20, 2009

High Fructose Corn Syrup – No More!

(Well, no more this week!)  Donald and I have realized that we are addicted to sweets.  You think I’m kidding – I wish I were.  Unfor. it’s true!  We LOVE sweets.  And I think more than the average “yum, I think a brownie-sounds-good” type of person.  We are trying to break that addiction.  We’ve tried before – and sadly, failed pretty quickly.  But, we’re starting small and hopefully building up to something that is a much healthier way of living.  We’re canning High fructose corn syrup from our diet.  This week we won’t be consuming it.  I am SO curious to see if we feel really different come next Sunday evening.  It is bizarre to see what has HFCS in it – even rice krispies do!  But, here we go…

(Also, I have read a few articles saying that if we all consumed less HFCS we would have a much healthier planet too!  Haha, I’ve got to get my plug in for that as well!)

1 comment:

kristian and katy said...

way to go! look forward to hearing how you feel.
that stuff is nasty- and yes- in everything!