Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Grandma’s Rolls

I have the sweetest, most wonderful Grandma.  If you met her; you would say the same.  She is the picture-book version of what any great Grandma should be.  And she is a fantastic baker.  I tried to bring a bit of our Grandma down for our Easter Celebration Dinner with my brother and his family.  Big (well, actually quite little) shoes to fill!  I decided to make my Grandma’s delicious rolls (I actually found out that my Great-Grandma made these rolls too, which made the experience that much more sweet).

IMG_6769Using live yeast – quite intimidating!  Rise once, beat down, rise again…here they are during their 2nd round of rising:

IMG_6776 The finished product – not near as good as my Grandma’s, but she’s got sixty years on me!  I don’t know if they’ll every be as tasty, but it’ll be a sweet tribute each time that I make them.



kristian and katy said...

these look incredible!!! i want one now.
i love handed-down recipes. special.
and look at you cooking in your pearls! probably just like grandma did.

Jen W. said...

Loved this post! I agree, you have a great Grandma! Hugs, Jenni

Rachel said...

Wow! Way to try something new yet again! You inspire me.