Sunday, September 9, 2007


Recently we took the opportunity, afforded by the Labor Day weekend and our dear friends, to visit NYC again! What a wonderful time we all had together! Kristian and Katy Rose are our super cool friends who have committed to move to all the beautiful and exciting places in America just so we can have a free and loving place to stay as we visit! Its amazing how refreshing it was to spend time with Kristian, Katy, Anne, and Caroline. In fact we had such a wonderful time together that we are going to write to Frommer's and suggest they add the Rose's apartment as a spa ha hot spot.

Eating at best Restaurant in NYC... nay... the world!
Us at the US Open!! We had so much fun at the open and even got our picture with some of the players...

Ah... who am I kidding... we had too much fun for just a few random pictures... this calls for yet another... slide show

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Kristian & Katy said...

yeah!! NYC!!!!!
love the pics. keep posting! we love it!