Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Delighting in Creation

Well, everyone knows that I really enjoy where I work. I have always been awestruck and amazed by the beauty of creation, especially the beauty found through the furry, feathered, and scaly things. I just have to share with you my experience this morning. I arrived at work pretty early, and just kept the doors open since it was still cool (which means under 80). About two minutes into sitting down, turning on my computer and getting settled, a chorus erupted. The white-cheeked gibbons (gibbons are the smallest apes, and they are currently being housed over by the education offices while their exhibit is being renovated) and they have such an amazing series of vocalizations. They started slowly, quietly "singing" and it turned into this loud, intense screaming. Then, our troop of chimpanzees joined in. I suppose they were inspired by their ape cousins! I found myself closing my eyes and just smiling. It was beautiful. It was wonderful. I am thankful to be surroundedon a daily basis by proof that we have a unique and creative God who delights in beauty. My encouragement to you...take a trip to your local zoo!! OR, better yet, come visit the Dallas Zoo and stay with Donald and I. I think selfishly we'd prefer that.


kristian & katy said...

what a cool picture!!! i want to hear the apes sing.
love the posting. hope to hear more soon :)
love u

Kristian & Katy said...

This blog is rockin' it out now! I love the new picture layouts.

Also, thanks for sharing that beautiful picture. for some reason it reminds of that Simpson's quote:
Bart: "Miss Krabapple, how would I go about creating a half monkey, half man?
Miss K: "You can't Bart. That would be playing God."
Bart: "God-schmod, I want my monkey man!"

Kristian & Katy said...

Mo Mo Mo! Lets see some pictures from this weekend!

Kristian & Katy said...

Angela, I'm not going to ask the D-man for this. I'm counting on you. Please, share some pics. My camera literally broke the weekend of the wedding, and I'm completely reliant on you for some help. So come on, give us some pics. :)

Kristian & Katy said...


Kristian & Katy said...

Ok, you guys stink at blogging. This is getting ridiculous. Maybe it's time for you two to call it a day...

When you're on the blogging circuit you've got to give the people what they want - pictures of awesome and recent events!!! Geez.