Sunday, September 9, 2007

Marathon and Mexico

In the fall of 2006 Angela had the inspired idea "I want to run a marathon". Once I realized she was actually serious, I was conflicted. Running a marathon souded like a great accomplishment and goal but I had heard many people share a simillar thought in the past and most of them just ended up with an expensive pair of running shoes. But we went ahead and started training and only a couple weeks into the training... Jenny and Brian (siblings in Houston) decided they would jump into the training as well. And... we actually did it! On April 1st we all completed the Big D Texas Marathon! Then Angela and I got to go to Mexico!! (Jenny and Brian couldn't come :( ) We went to El Dorado Royale to celebrate Angela's promotion at work and of course the marathon. We had a wonderful and relaxing time. All inclusives aren't the most interesting places to go travel-wise, but nothing could be more restful. So Angela's idea one Sunday morning led to a marathon and a Mexican getaway!

In this pic you can see Donald dropping off his water pack... not a good plan. The Big D Texas Marathon was the worst put together event any of us had ever seen (including grade school swim meets)!

The Finish Line!!

Our great family from England was in town and this is Molly, the cutest kid and best photographer in England who snapped this picture of herself!

Mexico!!! Lots of relaxing and enjoying food and drink (above). We had a wonderful time and would certainly recommend this place!

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