Sunday, May 26, 2013

William at 9 months {and a bit}

Look out!  Two entries in two days…


Sweet William – you are often neglected on this blog…and sadly sometimes by the camera…this is the reality of being the third I think.  Which is interesting, because OH MY, do I savor you!  I was telling Donald the other day how William has taught me a new level of joy and relishing of moments in parenthood.  I just don’t think I got it the first two times!!  I am convinced that other mommas can grasp this concept on their first baby, and others on their second…but for me, this lesson was anchored in with sweet william.  Much of this lesson is because of my own maturing and growing in wisdom; how very thankful I am that God is a patient and gracious teacher!


William – here you are at nine months!  You are such fun – a little clone in both appearance and behavior to your brother.  You are so chill with whatever happens in the crazy of the day.  As long as you are with someone, you are down for anything!  Sweet pal, thanks for your tenderness, your laugh, your insatiable appetite and for teaching me simple joy.  Your family loves you!!

 IMG_9139 IMG_9130

IMG_9147 IMG_9136

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~The Neaves Nest~ said...

Oh my goodness he's just too cute!!