Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sleeping babies


seemed appropriate to put the yawn at the beginning of the post…william at 2 weeks

Oh my goodness, there is something so special, so sacred about a sleeping child.  I really do feel like I am peering in on a little miracle each time I sneak into abi & nate’s room or the nursery and spy on my sleeping littles.


tired lady…sometimes you’ve just got to rest on your daddy

And my, oh my, is my heart full.


sweet nate at 10 days…

There is something about watching them that settles me.  I had a roller coaster of a day today – thankfully, the Lord graciously allowed it to end on such a beautiful high – which was only raised when I moved abi from our room into hers for the night {this does require some explanation – in sweet, little 50’s houses – when three children all go to bed at the same time – and they NEED to sleep right away – one must start their sleep in our room and then get moved.  Thankful for Abi and her ability to sleep wherever!}.  After I transferred Abi – I just stood in the middle of the room and looked at their sweetness.  One of those times when you really will yourself to treasure and remember it.


william at the audubon center…


And then I just had to sneak in and gaze at William…

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