Saturday, May 25, 2013

On taking oneself too seriously…but then not…


Can I just find a balance somewhere in the middle?

I think that blogging might always be an undefined area in my comfy chair, as I sit in our office, in the little corner of the house, in our tiny, sweet space of the world.  Maybe quite a few people think like this?  There have been so many times that I’ve thought about just stopping documenting life and thoughts on this blog.  But, something always keeps me from doing that.  I am by no means part of a large community in the blogosphere – I am fairly certain just a few friends (and my parents!) read this little journal of mine on a consistent basis – but there is just something so delightful and sometimes healing about blogging.  I enjoy that thoughts can be put out there during nap time // that those who might not see and laugh with me can // I enjoy knowing that these glimpses will be able to be recalled by my littles at some point in the future.


At times I think that I don’t have anything interesting to say (oh goodness, silly self-pity/pride) and that no one really cares about seeing another one of these wallace crazies’ milestones.  And there are some amazing blogs that only put up lovely thoughts / beautiful children / wise observations / delicious recipes…and I love them and am thankful for them.  And there are blogs who are so amazingly real…and I am encouraged by them and my faith is made stronger.  But for me, I just can’t keep away from this silly, all-over-the-place, sometimes recipes, never a craft (HAH!), my crazy thoughts blog.  It is a joy to document life here.  I hope that it points to a God who is amazing in the glorious thoughts and is amazing in the scraped knees and bubble-blowing.

ahhh, that feels much better.  Goodness!



Laura Stiller said...

I just thout I'd say I love your blog. I'm always glad to see a new post pop up in my feed read and I always know I'm going to be inspired to get outside! And I too struggle with just quitting blogging altogether but then I wonder how I'd document my kids life, since I definitely didn't do baby books. So, just wanted to say I'm glad for your blog. :-)

Rachel said...

I'm right there with you, Ang. I don't feel like my blog is for others as much as it is for me and my ramblings... and that is ok! I always enjoy reading about your beautiful family, so keep it up, friend!