Friday, October 5, 2012

A little happy friday

Many years ago, a dear friend told me about a tradition that her family used to do (and she continues to do with her boys) involving ‘Friday Treats.’


(a delicious treat enjoyed with girlfriends…perfect for fall…out of this world pumpkin soufflé)

Oh goodness, do we love ‘Friday Morning Treats’ in the Wallace household.  This has evolved for us to breakfast (usually) someplace fun.  However, just concentrating on making our Friday(s) special has really made all of us see this day as  unique and we’ve anticipated Fridays with expectation (the good kind!).

photo 2(2)

(thanks, D for helping keep the tradition alive!)

With our current lot in life…this also involves D bringing us our Friday morning treat.  Because I’m not quite brave enough to sit in the coffee shop with all three of them.  You’re welcome, Dallas.  (and if I’m honest, I don’t have my act together to get all three of them out the door to head to breakfast – without breakfast being at 10 or some other child-inappropriate hour!)

 photo 4photo 3(2)

(their creativity on a friday…a treat in its own right!)

May your Friday be filled with happiness!

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Elaine said...

I might need to go to Rise to try that pumpkin souffle! It looks really good!

Cheers to Friday treats! Hope you are doing well, my friend.