Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Something simple…yet helpful

I really do love to cook – however the heat / huge preggo belly / little hands needing things during the ‘cooking hour’ has led our family to lots more Mi Cocina pick-ups.  Bless those fajitas.

However, I was convicted by the cost/lack of control in how the ingredients were sourced/some of my own laziness (yes, I do realize that I’m uber pregnant – but I can still be lazy too!) and I am really trying to fix more meals in the wallace family kitchen.

Do you know what revolutionized this event actually occurring?


well, not that…although that sure does help!!  I will also bless you, 1/2 caff americano with cream!

But, THIS!  Prepping ingredients during naps.  I’m sure that most people already know this little trick – it does seem pretty obvious – BUT, I had always equated nap time prep with making something in the crock pot (which doesn’t always jive with my palate/cravings in the summer) – but this has really, REALLY helped me!



Just to pass on a little helpful hint – from my sporadic/not always with it brain!

Oh, how I love him and his messy little face…



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