Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nate the Great – 18 months


Oh sweet boy…how are you 18 months?!  OH my goodness.  I truly think that God timed your 18 month birthday and William’s 2 week birthday to be on the same day intentionally.  Such a contrast.  I think I was a bit more reflective since one date shared two milestones in our little family.


Nate – you are crazy.  And you are such a little lover.  No one gives hugs like you do (except your daddy, but from all accounts, you are quite a bit like your daddy when he was a little boy!).  You make me want to scream and make me want to cry with joy in about 30 seconds.  I am laughing and then I am begging God for patience.  Your little life is sanctifying me so much right now.  I am being driven to my knees, and while I cry at times while going there, I am so thankful.


You have my heart in a way that only a little son can grab his momma’s heart.  I have been so delighted by you.  You have a great laugh – you LOVE your sister something fierce – you are learning about timeouts and consequences – you have the stinkin’ cutest lower lip pout I have EVER seen – your eyes mesmerize me – you love to sing – you are learning words – you are so intelligent and understand everything I say (and are often very sneaky pretending you don’t so that you don’t have to obey…we’re working on that too!) – having daddy come home is one of your most favorite things – like a true child of mine…you adore animals – you really enjoy being dirty – have I mentioned that you drive me crazy? – have I mentioned my love for you?


My darling Nathanael, we pray great and wonderful things over your life.  I pray that you continue to have a heart that loves easily and strongly, and that your will would be molded to love the things that reflect the heart of God.  You have blessed us richly these past 18 months.



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