Saturday, March 10, 2012

Getting Outnumbered

You know when you should have said something a long time ago – and then you realize that you haven’t?

This is one of those times.  Not that this blog notes every event in our lives, but it tends to capture most of the big ones in the name of future preservation and nostalgia.  My realization?  I have never mentioned that we’re about to be outnumbered.

2 parents.  3 kids.

Baby Wallace #3 will be coming in July!  We’re pretty excited.  And a little overwhelmed too.  But, in the good way.  If that makes sense.  Overwhelmed in the ‘good way’ tends to make us realize our smallness, our humility.  We become infinitely more thankful and reliant on the Lord.

Oh, and there is one more thing.  Because I took so long to mention our new wee one on the blog, two announcements get to come at once.  I’m about to be outnumbered in a different way.

2 girls.  3 boys.

We decided to find out this time what baby would be.  Nate and brother will be 17 months apart.  I imagine our house will be in for some crazy.  Feeling a bit overwhelmed.  But, in the good way.


Sweet baby boy Wallace – we are so pumped that you’re growing to grow our family and make us outnumbered.  We feel so blessed that God gave us another little Wallace to love.


Laura Stiller said...

Oh my word! Friend! Congrats! You're going to be a fabulous mom of those two little boys under two. I'm so excited for you. We need to have another play date soon.

teamfish said...

Yay!! Ok, so as you can tell, I'm a little behind on blog reading :) Here you are about to give birth any day now, and I'm just now give you my congrats. But congrats, nonetheless!! Oh I'm so excited for you guys! We'll be in the Dallas area mid-Sept through Thanksgiving - we FOR SURE want to see all of you when we're there! Baby Fish is due mid-October. It'll be a fun reunion for us all :) I want to go try out that donut place you blogged about! And maybe some breakfast tacos too? :) Love you, friend! Praying for you!! -- Michelle