Tuesday, November 1, 2011

China Bible at Northwest Bible


Our church is hosting this really great exhibit.  I would totally recommend going to check it out.  Nate couldn’t wait to go see it.  He’s wondering why in the world his mother decided this was 8 month appropriate so cultured.


Nate, in Ergo, taking it all in and wondering when we’re leaving…

Really though, Nate did great.  I actually got to read the graphics and was so encouraged at what the Lord was doing in and through Chinese believers.  I didn’t grab a picture of it (I didn’t know if I was supposed to be taking pictures! – off of their website below) but there was an entire section devoted to the history of the distribution of the bible in China.  It so moved my heart to see multiple hand copies of the Word, the time invested because of the life that those words offer.


‘The goal of the Bible distribution ministry is to meet the needs of all brothers and sisters in China who love His Word.”  -The Bible Ministry Exhibition



Donald & I (and abi-in-belly) at the Great Wall visiting some dear friends in 2008

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