Monday, August 30, 2010

A sad story…

So you see, I am in love with B.L.T’s.  I don’t do any thing fancy.  Just straight up bacon, lettuce, tomato, and some mayo.  Ahhh, my mouth begins to water.


However, there has been some turmoil that has upset this summer romance of mine.  The perpetrator…nitrites.  Yes, yes, we should ALL do a better job of watching the intake of those little nasties.  Haha, especially us mommas.  I laugh all the time with friends about how much better our kids eat than ourselves because WE CARE.  That is convicting too.  But, with baby on board, I have the “better line of thinking” in my mind much more frequently when it pertains to what I put in my mouth.  SOOOO, am I willing to give up bacon?  (Sheepishly)…no.  But, don’t you see…I love it!  The smell of bacon cooking (since being pregnant) I could seriously bottle up and have as a candle burning (insert all of your gags here).


Yes – I did cut off that fat…I think fat on meat is g.r.o.s.s. 

BUT, I began noticing something as of late.  A cause and effect if you will.  If I eat my precious BLT’s = I get a headache.  NOOOOOOO.  Alas, I have bid ado to my summertime love.  Oh, summer of 2011…just you wait.  I will be investing in the hopefully bumper crop of lettuce and tomatoes.


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ECP said...

My grandmother was "allergic" to Nitrates and got headaches whenever she ate them. My sister started developing headaches and traced it to the nitrates in bacon. You can actually get what my grandmother termed "clean" bacon. Go to your butcher counter and ask if they have any bacon that is Nitrates free. If not, Central Market does, I'm pretty sure. Amy made some BLTs on Sunday...So So good!