Monday, August 9, 2010

Journey down 281

Last weekend we loaded up the car and embarked on abi’s longest car ride to date – 5 hours!  I know, I know, not even a real road trip – but we were proud of her!!  She was just amazing.  Even joined in a game of “hey cow” when she didn’t consider it too loud.  We were off to the long overdue visit to the Potter’s casa and some relaxin’ San Antonio style.

Oh, yummy.  Breakfast tacos.  They were gooooood.


Guadalupe River State Park – yes, please.  Had an awesome time hanging out in the river, enjoying the shade in some kind people’s chairs (yes, they knew we were using them!), and enjoying beauty and friends!






Due to the general nature of cameras and water not mixing, after these pictures we dropped off the cameras back on dry land and headed into the river!  Abi loved it!  The current was semi-strong so she had to sit on our lap, but we killed a good hour or so just sitting in the river talking, laughing, skipping stones, and seeing who had the best aim with pebbles (I believe I came in last place, which is a real shame fest for Rochester Adams softball).

Driving home we stopped at a great restaurant on the Colorado River.  I love our family.



(pensive/tired abi and naked baby…abi allows none of her babies to have clothes on anymore, it’s strange)


Because sometimes you just need to do a little ring around the rosy!!




Dressed-Up Dots said...

She is just precious and becoming such a beautiful little girl! It is a joy to watch her grow through your pictures....I'm so glad yall had such a wonderful day!

Jennifer Hubley said...

Looks like such a great summer trip! Abi looks so cute and that is hilarious about her naked baby dolls.