Monday, June 21, 2010

Lessons in being hot

Seriously, at times I feel like this blog is a constant catch-up in a race to document life…BUT, in continuing towards that goal…a few weeks ago our a/c went out.  This is NOT enjoyable in Texas.  Especially this summer.  My goodness, it has been H.O.T. this year.  Hitting triple digits before the first official day of summer (Michigan – you win here).


We did lots of this: (b/c at night it was still cooler outside than inside our house!)


And then (we waited a few days after our first a/c guy came out – fixed it for 24 hours – then told us a RIDICULOUS amount that he would charge us to really fix it) well, my hubby fixed it.  This man – he is too good.

IMG_4510 IMG_4513

So our lesson.  Wow, do I take things for granted.  My heart ached for the sweet elderly of our community who you know endure the summers each and every year, I felt convicted of my constant expectancy of “77 degrees” while so many in our city, country, and world endure exhausting temperatures with no repair man or repair hubby in sight.  This little hot house of ours offered refreshing clarity.

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