Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Trans-Texas Trip – Part II

(Yikes, this already happened 2 weeks ago - sorry!)

So, after celebrating as our sweet nephew was dedicated to the Lord on Sunday in Denton, we headed back to Dallas to do an emergency load of laundry and get packed for Lake Travis!


Well,we don't necessarily love DVD's for babies - but, I do love them while on road trips!  We got an awesome gift for Christmas - a travel DVD system for the car.  It was weird how much abi was fascinated by it!  Those folks at baby einstein really know what they're talking about.  (Apparently baby einstein is a mom's creation - why can't I ever think of things like that first??!!)  So, that was 45 minutes of super easy (and enjoyable) travel!

The Texas Hill Country is awesome.  So many ecosystems in Texas - I love that!  It is very easy to see why so many people desire to live near Austin.  We were so pumped to spend a few days at the lake with Donald's parents, Jenny& Brian and Josh!  We had rented a house and were ready for pure relaxation.  And the lake delivered.  What is it about water?  I find that being on or near water does my soul so well.  To begin mornings with a beautiful view of our creator's cleverness was such a blessing.

IMG_6239 IMG_6258 IMG_6244 IMG_6282 IMG_6287 IMG_6312 IMG_6392IMG_6330  IMG_6366 IMG_6386IMG_6377   IMG_6399IMG_6359

We were thankful for our tour of Texas – it is good to break up the “normal” of daily life.  Rejuvenation and fellowship – a delightful and crazy 6 days!

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MMandm said...

Glad yall had fun....looks like it and I'm jealous, not gonna lie!