Monday, March 16, 2009

The Trans-Texas Trip – Part I

First leg of the journey: Dallas to College Station to Brenham to Dallas to Denton – all in 48 hours.  The weekend of March 6th-8th was a delightful blur in the Wallace household.  Donald and I left Abi for the first time (tear and grin – moms, you know what I mean!) and drove to the place of our beginning – good ol’ College Station!  The day was basically planned around eating and reliving memories.  We ceremoniously stopped at Shipley’s for some sausage and cheese kolaches and then began the drive through small Texas towns to Aggieland.  The rest of our day went something like this:  

Swinging by the infamous and wonderful 409:


Driving by the 1616 B, how things have changed since the last time I was there!


(I was talking to my roommate from college, Katye, a few days before driving down to CS and we were saying how strange that four completely different young women live there now, with no idea or care who has lived there before them.  How lives were changed – incredibly humbling and amazing.)

Eating at Rumor’s – our first mini-meal, lots of eating happened this day!


Drinking coffee outside of Evans Library


Kyle Field – home of the 12th man – whoopIMG_6193

Central Park, my favorite place in College Station, where I was first asked to be a girlfriend, and then a best friend for life.


Saturday was highlighted by us being able to celebrate with our good friend, Chris Gaines, as he was married!  It was a great event, and wonderful to see old friends who were a part of such a dear chapter of life.

Kristin and Allison (I’m holding Allison’s baby, Kate!)  

Kristin, Angela, Allison and Kate

The happy bride and groom:With Bride and Groom

Stay tuned for Trans-Texas Trip Part II…



Michael said...

Nice! I am SO jealous!

kristian and katy said...

looks like SUCH a fun time!!!

Rachel said...

I miss Aggieland so much! Thanks for the quick trip down memory lane.