Wednesday, August 27, 2008

War of the Libraries

For about a year now I've been saying that "I need to get a library card!" I have such fond memories of going to the library growing up, and was kind of hungry for that fun all over again as an adult! Plus, there's something rather exciting about being downtown and walking into a large library and seeing the thousands and thousands of books.

Well, I didn't go downtown - but I plan on doing that sometime soon! But, I did visit the local branch that is near our house. It had certainly been a long time since I visited a library. The people there are AWKWARD. I tried to sign up with our house's address, not our apartment's address - that was not OK. After about a three minute discussion with the man, I finally got a library card - but he won, and my account has an address that will only be good for another month or so. Abi started to make a little bit of noise while I was waiting - and he asked if I wanted to walk around outside so that she wouldn't make noises! It's 100 degrees outside! No, thank you. Oh, and then the dewi decimal system - sadly, it's only been 3 years since A&M, but I had to give myself a quick refresher as I was walking to the catalog!

Also, found out that I'm a bit of a library snob! Growing up, my local library had just been built, and it was awesome. Very high-tech, so many books, tons of reading nooks, a coffee house, and then floor to ceiling windows that face a river and beautiful woods. Not the case with the Dallas Public Library. Plus, it's never 100 degrees in Michigan, and the people were never awkward, only delightful. In addition, the library in Michigan had a huge salt water aquarium...the only animals I saw today were mosquitos.

Oh well, point for Michigan.


Rachel said...

Although I've never been to your Michigan library, I'd give it at least 5 points. It sounds beautiful! Michigan 5, Dallas 0.

Ricardo and Lauren said...

oooooo...i just started taking advantage of our library. At least the Dallas one is big. Our's in keller/ft worth are TINY... i mean, the old Richardson library was 3 stories and is full of stuff. basically, each little one here is a single room and hardly any books!!
Yay for free, germ infested, used rental books:-) sure saves a lot of $$

Evan said...

I would give your Canadian Library negative 50 bajillion points since it's in Canada. I would also like to point out that it is lame. Mosquitoes are cool, as are 100 degree days. And I'm pretty sure you might be misremembering...I mean how can we trust you? You're from Canada for cryin' out loud. So there.