Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jersey Boys

Last night we went to go see Jersey Boys! It was really a fun and amazing time. Jersey Boys is a jukebox musical telling the stories of Frankie Valli and the original four seasons. We were really surprised by the music, there were so many hit songs created by this group. Here's the list:
Ces Soirees La'
Cry For Me
Big Girls Don't Cry
Walk Like a Man
Oh What a Night
My Eyes Adored You
Bye, Bye, Baby
C'Mon Marianne
Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Working My Way Back to You
There were many more hits too, but those are some of the most notable. The music was fun for us, but not half as fun as it was for the more senior crowd in attendance! There was a woman in front of us who we were sure thought she was really at a Frankie Valli concert! She was getting accidentally up close and personal with the poor guy in front of us during every song! That's right... full out dancing at a musical. It was hysterical and rivaled the outstanding production we were there to see for the most entertaining event of the night. For the DFWstonians, we also tried out MoMo's on Knox (seafood appetizer, the trio, and the dessert with the cherries in it excellent... everything else, average).


kristian & katy said...

i've heard jersey boys is amazing!! i really want to see it!
christian hoff, the guy who plays tommy divito (?) in NYC comes to my foundation's events... just another reason for you to move here.


kristian & katy said...

wait- this is funny. i think we just commented on each other's blogs at the exact same moment. wow....
just another reason for you to move here.