Saturday, July 12, 2008


Well, friends and family, we are so pleased and overjoyed to show off pictures of our little bundle of love. The past 4 days (AHHH, unreal, she is already 4 days old) have been such a mosaic of love, emotion, great joy, and love. I know we're saying love a lot, but really, there is not much else to say. We are in love.


kristian & katy said...

she's amazing.
is that red hair i see??? if so, angela must be overjoyed!!!
i want to hold her. NOW.

Dess Family said...

WE LOVE HER!!! You guys are doing so well. What a joy, we are so proud of all 3 of you.
Love you guys, Grant, Chelle and Emmy

Ricardo and Lauren said...

Precious!! COngratulations!!! She is beautiful. I was telling Ricardo that I think she is the prettiest newborn I have ever seen! I bet you are on cloud 9!! We are so happy for you!

Rachel said...

We love her so much!!! She's a beauty if there ever was one.

Michelle said...


I've GOT to meet Baby Abi! When can I come and see all of you?? I can't even express how happy I am for you! SUCH a beautiful baby! Well done, Wallaces, well done. ;)