Friday, June 20, 2008

Maternity Leave (sorta)

There they are, my wonderful wife and baby on their way to work at the zoo... for the last time! Now, I am sure that they will be back at the zoo a lot as our little Abi grows, and we still don't know if Angela will be back at the zoo working after her FMLA runs out... so the separation is not quite as intense as you might expect... but come on, she works at the zoo! Yesterday she pet, PET!, a rhinocerous for work. Anyway, it is still certainly a milestone and it is bittersweet for Angela for sure. Not only does she work at a super-cool, super-fun place... but the people she works with have become very dear to her (and visa-versa). But today, we celebrate as our due date is only two weeks away! Next week, Angela will work from home... and then its all baby, all the time! This is a wonderful feeling!
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Donald & Angela said...

Just to clear up any potentially awkward thoughts, the slightly darker area in my arm pit is just a shadow, my arm pits are shaved, I promise!!

Kristian & Katy said...

(hahahahaha. nice comment.)

congratulations on your last day!!! i am SOOOO excited for Abi to arrive.
i can't believe she will be here so soon.
you guys are going to be such amazing parents. im glad you're first so we can steal all your tricks!

love, katy

Rachel said...

Hooray for being done with least for now!!! Thanks for letting me win Settlers last night! =) Y'all are my favorite people to play with!

Ricardo and Lauren said...

Congrats on your last day!! The next couple of weeks are going to bring you so many emotions but you will be a wonderful mommy and daddy!! We are so exited for you!

Matt and Erin said...

i'm really glad you cleared up the armpit thing. i was losing sleep over it :)

yeah baby time!