Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another Video...

I had to get another post up. I was getting creeped out by our own blog every time I pulled it up! So, I thought I'd combat my "creeped-outness" with a video that I find myself watching quite a bit when I'm at home / listening to the song as a prayer for our family.

Chris Tomlin didn't write this song, but it is his voice in the video. We heard this song for the first time a few months ago in church, and I feel as though it has served as a gentle reminder of what the hearts of those in His church should feel drawn to and hopeful for as we reside in areas surrounded by those who are lost and desperately seeking love and acceptance. I am encouraged and amazed by the greatness of our God and his consistency in my life.


Dess Family said...

Much better post. I appreciate any video without shootings. I really like singing this song at our church.

anne said...

amen!! i love that. great song.
good one, wallaces.