Monday, May 26, 2008

Wonderful Observation

Yesterday at church, I was able to observe something truly wonderful. Before worship started, a family of three sat in the row in front of us. Donald and I were just having fun looking/laughing at the little boy interacting with his parents. I guess that just was a catalyst into me thinking about raising Abi, and honestly having a little bit of an overwhelmed moment. Then the music began, and I observed the Dad begin to worship his Lord. The following moment was truly beautiful. The little boy looked up at his Dad, and then raised his hands to mimic his father, all while smiling and beaming at his parents. A rush of peace and excitement rushed over me as I thought about how awesome the relationship will be between Donald, myself, and Abi. There is so much responsibility, but so much joy.

Here's to less than 6 weeks until we meet our little lady!!

My favorite Poppa:

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Kristian & Katy said...

Right on, Wallaces! Nice observation. Six weeks: woo hoo!