Saturday, May 10, 2008

Foolish Love

Angela and I are quite excited as the day our two becomes three draws near! Don't get me wrong, we are also completely overwhelmed, and even though we have spent hours and hours reading, researching, discussing, and praying about all things parenting and babies we know that the stick house of knowledge that we have developed would never stand on its own. But then, there is this strange magic that makes us well up with joy when we see a glimpse of our child (who now could otherwise be described as a gray scale alien), and we know that there is nothing, NOTHING, that could stop us from loving our baby. We are so blessed to feel this love in our hearts. So even though our knowledge is limited, our experience small, and our abilities undeveloped; and even when we survey the amazing challenge that is our upcoming parenting years, we carry a peace in our hearts that can only come from love! It is our hope that this foolish love will not shrink as we become talented parents, but rather that we would see it spread like wildfire to all areas of our lives! Indeed, we thank God for his foolish foolish love.

(the song at the end... comic relief maybe?)


Dess Family said...

We love her, we love her, we love her!!! Can't wait to meet her and pinch those cheeks!

Rachel said...

Wow! She's beautiful! I just want to hold her and kiss her face.

P.S. Great music at the end!!!

kristian & katy said...

SOOOOO amazing.
can't wait.