Thursday, February 28, 2008

SpringHill, Showers, and not wanting lots of money

So I got tagged :) Haha, I actually got a smile on my face too when I saw that the wonderful Katy Rose tagged me - I guess it reminded me of actually playing tag. Who knows. But, I think this is a fun here it goes.

10 years ago:
  • Pretty much in a solid awkward phase as a freshman in high school. I think I started to come out of that "this" year. Ohhh highschool - good/weird memories. Basically I was being musical (this is for you donald and kristian - I was in the marching band / played a mean concerto on the piano) and on the basketball/softball team. Only child in my parents house with big brother leaving the previous year for college. Loving my girlfriends.

Things on my to-do list today:

  • Not fall asleep at work (still adjusting from the time change)
  • Write thank yous to our wonderful family in England who sent little miss thang some very cute clothes.
  • Host an apartment life event

What would I do if I suddenly became a billionaire:

  • So, I've had some time to think about this one with reading others thoughts. Unfor. my selfishness/yuckiness thinks "AWESOME" - and then reality comes in. I think that would be terrible, as it would be so hard for me not to make it my master. However, if I HAD to be a billionaire - I think we would buy a cool place in Colorado - always open for anyone to come and your travel expenses would be completely paid for (this idea is stolen from some cool people that we semi-met while visiting kristian and katy in Maui - they had this amazing ocean-front condo, and let us stay there for a few days completely free, pretty amazing for a bunch of 23 year olds). And then give the rest to World Vision.

Three of my bad habits are:

  • I don't really like to shower! That is so gross, and I understand that culturally accepted practices demand me to do this - but honestly, if I could never smell - I wouldn't shower!
  • I pop my knuckles too much. (at least my mother says this is a bad habit).
  • I get really annoyed if towels aren't properly folded (this can be kitchen towels or bath towels, and it is unfor. not limited to my own home - I'll refold the towels).

Five jobs I have had (before now):

  • Williams-Sonoma (don't really recommend working there during the holiday season, it is so insane that you basically work every holiday/weekend and don't have time to appreciate the glory that is that store)
  • The Detroit Zoo, Educator
  • Grace Bible Church, nursery teacher aka hold lots of babies
  • Spring Hill Camps, Counselor
  • Piano teacher (the best money I've ever made - 14 dollars a half hour)

Five things (some) people don't know about me:

  • I kind of have stinky feet! (wow, that's embarassing)
  • I was in the marching band during high school (this is really difficult for me to admit over the internet, now everyone knows)
  • I really think that High School Musical is a cute movie.
  • I'm really trying to make Abby musical by singing to her a bunch and "lightly pounding" on my belly so that she has some rhythm.
  • It drives me crazy if the bed doesn't have all of the sheets neatly tucked in on all sides (which is funny, because donald doesn't share this same concern).

To continue in the game playing tradition...I tag Chelle (I know you'll love this) and Sarah Whiting.


Kristian & Katy said...

Really funny. To the towel thing, just wow! I feel so self conscious now every having you guys over again. If you could forward me a diagram of your preferred folding methodology, I'll try to make sure that we never disappoint.

And since I know you guys are back in the country, why is Donald not returning my emails/calls? Bush league...

Sarah said...

for whatever reason, i suspected that was coming. we'll see.

Kristian & Katy said...

loved learning a little more about sweet ang!
and i'm with kristian... feeling really self-conscious about our towels! i bet it freaks you out that our guests have to hang their towels on the ironing board hooks! haha!
oh well, glad you can still be my friend.

Matt and Erin said...

i hate showering too! i'm glad i'm not the only dirty hippy!