Saturday, February 2, 2008


Okay friends,

We are considering getting another car as we don't know how many more miles pheonix the love indian has left in her and also her safety ratings are good... but not the best. Anyway, we have learned this is not the most fun process as we have been struggling through listings, test drives, and car salesman who call nine times a day and all say they want to do business with integrity (I believe they say this because that way they can tell themselves, "of course I can rip them off in the strict financial sense... there is so much value in the integrity we offer!"). Anyway, please offer wisdom on the car buying experience. If you don't have any... ask friends or family who do and then give it to us!!!


PS On the subject of cars, here is my new dream car!


kristian & katy said...

Well friends, we've only bought one car in our day, so our advice is limited. Extrapolating from our experience I would offer this:
1) Don't pay a penny over $600
2) Make sure that it can "haul ass up a mountain."

Scott and Jennifer Hubley said...

March sounds good for a rendezvous. On the topic of cars, I've always heard that you get the best value w/ a used car that's about 3 years old. At that point, it is the best combination of depreciated value and remaining drive life. Good luck!

Dess Family said...

I've always heard that there's really no better value for your money than a 1996 Blazer. The only catch is that you want to make sure you get one with a manual turn signal. If you're interested I may be able to find one for you...