Tuesday, January 1, 2008

How everyone wishes they would have spent their new year...

I don't know if it was the most exciting New Year's to date...but certainly memorable. Having family in town is always fantastic, and so we were excited to spend a fun day of opening presents (not a weird New Year's eve tradition, just Christmas a few days late), seeing a movie, and then maybe heading down to Victory Park for Dallas's new claim on New Year's - NYE in the Big D. It was a promising night. Now, most of those things did come true...we had a great day with family, appreciating the love and generousity of others, and saw The Great Debaters (great flick, by the way). But, that's when things changed...we're getting old. We came back to my brother's apartment...all started to get tired, and struggled through a game which was played purely to try and liven us all up. That didn't work too well, and at 11 Chris and Jen called it a night, so my parents, donald, and I made the return trip home. We didn't think we could make the Big D celebration, so we figured we could find a compromise by driving to the top of our parking garage and waiting for the fireworks. And right at fireworks in sight, but we could hear them...and we did catch a pretty awesome spotlight. What a way to bring in 2008!

Regardless of how you spent your New Year's Eve, we hope that you had an evening that was filled with those you care about and love. May 2008 be a year that you feel God's love and grace over you and are aware of the beauty in your life.

Happy New Year!


Dess Family said...

Happy New Years Wallaces!

If it makes you feel any better, Chelle was asleep at 11 and I'm 30 and bald. Cheers.

kristian & katy said...

haha! yay for getting old! :)
i'm glad you had a nice time with your fam. we miss you!!