Friday, January 25, 2008

The Capitol

I am pretty sure I am proud to be an American, but I know that I am proud to be friends with Team Rose. A week ago Tuesday we received a radical invitation to join our dear friends in Washington D.C. for the long MLK weekend. So, thanks to the encouragement of those here and there, and largely thanks to AirTran's "Start the New Year in a New City" sale, we decided to spend recklessly and buy our way onto planes, trains, and automobiles to join the DC party!

Once there we found out that even though this was their idea, they hadn't done any research at all! But luckily Ang and I saved the day again and had a host of good ideas on how to efficiently see the city while having plenty of good food and good times. And of course Katy, the human compass, was extremely helpful as always (by the way be looking for the TV release of "Katy the Human Compass" on discovery... seriously... it is kinda like SurvivorMan or Man vs. Wild) Kristian did not contribute.

Okay, so maybe about 25% of the above paragraph is true, but we did have an amazing time seeing the sights and soaking up the precious love graciously extended by dear dear friends! Here are some pics of what we saw! Oh... and also, we got to see Sarah Whiting (who lives on the Hill)!! It was wonderful to see her again too even though she did berate us for being tourists.

The National Cathedral

This place was amazing! Def. worth the mile and a half walk in the freezing temps!

Hanging out at the Mall
Ang and Sarah outside Old Ebbit's after a amazing meal we all shared.


The National Zoo was a must see for us obviously!

We found Texas and Michigan right next to each other at the WW2 Memorial... so we took this nerdy pic.

Korean War Memorial

Ang and Kristian at the Museum of Natural History

Perhaps this one is better left unexplained

What a wonderful trip!!! For more great, and very similar pictures check out:


Dess Family said...

We are so glad that you guys had a great trip. We love to see pictures of your travels and adventures. Anything else you want to put on your blog we would love to see!!

Rachel said...

Your spontaneity is inspiring. I like the new layout of your website...very cool!

kristian & katy said...

Very cool restructuring, Wallaces. I like the new layout. Great trip, too. We're so thankful you guys ponied up the dough to join! Of course we did let you use our maps, so that saved you a lot of money.

Phily '08!

kristian & katy said...

LOVE the new design!!
AND LOOOOOVED the trip!! great post. your pics are a lot better then ours. i'm stealing them.
we miss you and love you!


ps- there must be some mistake with that link to my new show because it didnt work. you'll want to fix that.

Sarah said...

i didn't berate you! but i did love seeing ya'll. come again soon b/c my city is the coolest!