Saturday, December 1, 2012

A portrait of Portland

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Due to the awesome generosity of many to watch our delightful children for us – Donald and I were able to get away for a long weekend to celebrate our 7th anniversary and his 30th birthday!! 


We got an amazing deal on plane tickets to Portland (turns out not everyone likes to fly the red-eye??) and we were off to explore a new city to both of us.


*we were there at this amazing time when the grapes are finished being harvested; and as soon as the vines have given their fruit, they die and turn this amazing color.  The fields were so beautiful.  It only last for a couple of weeks.  Such a delightful blessing.  Nature: you never cease to amaze and humble.


Portland, you did not disappoint.  You were filled with all things dear to the Wallace household.  Beauty, great food, awesome coffee, delicious wine, casual, more beauty, and great beer.  Dallas community of friends and family – you are the only reason we returned. 

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*We drove to this one vista, and as we arrived, the clouds momentarily cleared and we could see a glimpse of Mt. Hood.


‘How often I have ralized the poet’s buoyant hopes amid…solitary rambles through interminable Forests!’

-Thomas Nuttal, Botanist 1834

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Rachel said...

What a beautiful glimpse into Portland and what a great anniversary/birthday gift to yourselves! So glad you were able to get away (and that you came back!).