Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring Break – Days

The final days to wrap up our little delayed week o’ fun!

Day 4 – Park & Walk

Poor Nate got sick!  Today was supposed to be our head to the park with friends and have a picnic lunch.  Plans change :)  But, thanks to some awesome friends; Abi still got to park it up while I stayed home with Nate.  We went on a walk – very exciting stuff.

While we waited for her ride – some sidewalk art.


one of the many things I love about our boy…he is never too sick to eat.  Even feeling crummy…snacks are in hand.


We took some toes & flowers shots along the way…

image image

Day 5 – Arboretum

My sweet friend & I did our meals-on-wheels route alone (which was a treat for us – because although I adore doing this with Abi – selfishly I got an entire 2 hours to hang out and talk with a dear friend!)  Abi was absent because…her cousins were in town!  She decided that she would miss “seeing her friends” so that she could hit up the arboretum with Josh & Mary Claire.  I joined them after our route was over!  What a way to spend a Friday afternoon.

Nate had other things on his mind…


IMG_5351 IMG_5357


These next few just crack me up.  Can you get more personality??

 IMG_5374 IMG_5375 IMG_5378

Never forget to take time and smell the roses (err, tulips)…



Mommy & Daddy, courtesy of Abi…


He wouldn’t miss out on all of the action – Nate is always up for a good time.



Days(s) 6,7 – Cousins!

Did NOT document these days well at all!  Thanks, J&B, for coming up to Dallas and ending our spring break week o’ awesome with some awesome company. 

As you can see…Josh & Abi always manage to have a good ol’ time!


We hope the memories of your Spring Break weeks have made you smile much!!

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