Friday, December 2, 2011

Sanctification through Motherhood - ‘Sparkle’

I have gained some of my absolute dearest friends in life through mothering.  Our paths may never have crossed before, we might not have found as much in common pre-baby, but now our journeys are similar – thus bringing a beautiful sisterhood with some extraordinary women.

Plus, I can laugh with and be sweetly amazed by some of their littles.

Case in point: Annie.

We just love Annie and her family.  A huge blessing of “family-hood.”  The other night I was dropping off something at their house, and Annie (dressed in full princess garb of course, one of her & abi’s love languages!)  ran to the door and said “Wait!  I have something for Abi.”  She came back with ‘Sparkle.’  “Abi can keep it too, if she wants – I’d like her to have it.”


You should have seen Abi’s face.  A mixture of sweet joy and excitement.  The beauty of receiving a special kindness from someone.  Annie was selfless and it totally made Abi’s night.  What a beautiful encouragement to me from a 4 year old.  To give generously.  To take joy in someone else’s happiness.  To just share some sparkle!

God loves a cheerful giver.
-- 2 Corinthians 9:7

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