Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ahhh, catch up! The Steven part

So, we’ll be going in backwards order here a bit.  But, this is how documenting life goes after what seems like one of the busiest months of life!  Oh, but the highs were so high.  We have been able to host every member of the 409 (and almost all of the wives!) this past month – and that has been the biggest treat.  Old friends are just the best.  I can think of nothing more delightful than sitting with friends around our table, a good bottle of wine, and amazing conversation that leaves me thankful, laughing so hard, and wanting more out of life.

So, the first stop on catch up train: our Steven Potter (we missed you so, Jodee!) visit.


Basically exactly what they used to do back in college…


It’s really important to us to always have balanced meals when guests are here.  I would like to say the following followed dinner, but alas – after a ridiculously huge lunch – it was dinner.  Hahaha.



By the lake…




We do love us some birds who reside at the spillway


and acting like them too…


Thanks for making the drive, Steven!


The Potters said...
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The Potters said...

Thanks for being such great hosts. Now it is time for us to reciprocate!

Kirby said...

We have those plates! LOVE the Emma collection! Except our bowls are chipping...urgh!