Monday, February 23, 2009

What momma loves, baby loves

The McGown crew came up to dallas for the weekend - what fun! As luck would have it - we had awesome weather on Thursday and Friday - and then chilly on Saturday and into Sunday. But, that wouldn't stop us from making a trip to my favorite park in Dallas - the Dallas Zoo! It was Josh's first trip to the Dallas Zoo - and he and Abi enjoyed checking out the animals and being entertained by the "other apes" that they were with all day.
Donald caught this awesome pic when Patrick (donald's favorite animal at the zoo) yawned:

Josha and Abi with the gorilla that is fine to be out of the cage:

Just hanging out with a nile crocodile:

Josh was a fan of the slide, Abi - not so much:


Rachel said...

What a super fun outing! Great pic, Donald! Those teeth are massive.

I can't wait to squeeze your little darling!

Sarah said...

my mind still can't quite wrap itself around the fact that you have a beautiful little girl.

looks like things are fun down there in texas. love you friend!