Friday, October 31, 2008

Lessons in Contentment

This has been a crazy time of life.  Donald and I comment frequently on how we don't ever think that we've been this busy.  Through the house (8 days away from move-in!), preparing to move in general, donald's job/school decisions, and learning how to be parents to our sweet gift - life at times seems out of control.  I become so easily frustrated with house issues, which leads to me feeling guilty that I'm not being calm and content enough for our little lady, and that then leads me to needing to be still before the Lord.  It is amazing how all things in life are so interconnected.  To be content and aware always that His grace is present and abouding - and enough for my every need.  And in that to be content with my wonderful life.  For it truly is.  There will always be something.  Some sort of a distraction, something for me to be jealous of, an area where pride will creep in.  I so hope that in those moments I will be able to pause and then reflect on how temporary things are, my constant need to set aside myself, and then to enjoy this life!

I'm sure I'll need to post on this in another month or so :)

Because she's just so darn cute:

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kristian & katy said...

GREAT thoughts. and ADORABLE picture. can't wait to see you soon!- katy