Friday, September 12, 2008

Our daughter loves Waterdeep

Well, one of our parenting hopes has been fulfilled - our daughter coos along to and then is comforted by the poetic genius of Waterdeep. Awesome. We really discovered this on our way back from Houston when we had quite a bit of car time and we would sing lots of songs to Abi, but the ones that really did the trick were Waterdeep's songs! We know that many of you are rejoicing at this discovery as well!

Donald & I dancing at our wedding to Waterdeep

Full circle: Abi sleeping to Waterdeep


kristian & katy said...

this is the sweetest post ever. and that wedding picture is gorgeous.
i can't believe abi loves waterdeep... she really is the perfect baby.

Rachel said...

That is so neat! Wahoo for Waterdeep!