Thursday, March 20, 2008

This Past Weekend

This last weekend rocked. It was one of those weekends when you don't really mind going back to work on Monday because the weekend was so wonderful. Smile.

Jenny and Brian brought our buddy Josh to Dallas, because they were heading to Colorado to go skiing!! We love him so. He really enjoys bath time - which is fun, because we all crowd around the sink and watch bath time!

We spent Saturday at the Arboretum. SO beautiful. Having a place like the arboretum in Dallas is really wonderful, it's a bit of an escape from the city. We enjoyed the day with our good friends Chelle, Grant, and little Miss Emory.

Here's Grant offering Emory to the tulip Gods, with Chelle in the back documenting the whole ordeal.Look how big Abi is getting!!! (we're experimenting with spellings of her name) Emmy's cool view of the ducks...

This peaceful pic was taken right before we got kicked out by the "arboretum police." Apparently the wedding that was about to happen didn't want us in the background.


Rachel said...

I love the Arboretum. It really does just make you smile. So do babies. I guess you did a lot of smiling last weekend! =)

kristian & katy said...

Fun with other people??! NOT ALLOWED!


makes us miss you! what beautiful shots, especially of Ang and Abi/ Abby/ Abbie/ Abie/ Abbye/ Abbee... now the name has lost all meaning.

josh is too cute! and so is emory! and the flowers are gorgeous.


Ricardo and Lauren said...

I LOVE the pic of you laying down with your cute belly!! So adorable!:-)

Dess Family said...

I also love the pic of you laying on the grass!! We should do that again sometime because it was way too beautiful not to go back. Have a happy Easter weekend!!!